Unit 301 Essay

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Unit 302 Schools as organisations In this assignment I will be talking about the structure of education and how schools are organised in terms of roles and responsibilities. I will also show that I have an understanding of school ethos mission, aims and values. I have an understanding of legislation, policies and procedures and understand the wider context in which schools operate. 1.1 Every three- and four-year-old child is entitled to free early years education in an Ofsted inspected setting. The funding is available for 15 hours a week for 38 weeks of the year. Free places are available in a number of settings including: school nurseries, child minders and private day nurseries. However there is now a pilot scheme for some 2 year old children to have free entitlement to a nursery place normally children who have a need and have a referral from health visitors or social services. There are different types of childcare options available for 0-5 year olds, these include: Sure Start Children’s Centre: Working with parent’s right from the birth of their child, providing early years education for children, full day care, short-term care, health and family support, parenting advice as well as training and employment advice. Nursery schools: Provide early learning and childcare for children between three and five years old. They are often based at Sure Start Children’s Centres or linked to a primary school. Preschools and playgroups: Usually run by voluntary groups providing part-time play and early learning for the under-fives. Three and four year olds can get their 15 hours of weekly free early year’s education at these providers. Day Nurseries: Often based in workplaces and run by businesses or voluntary groups providing care and learning activities for children from birth to five years old. Child minders: Look after children under 12 in the child minder’s
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