Childcare Level 3 Unit 1

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Unit 1 – An introduction to working with children. E1&E2: There are many different types of setting which provide care and education for children and families. The main three settings are the statutory sector, voluntary sector and private sector. Statutory sector is a service that by law has to be provided by the government to children and families, for example, St Peters RC Primary School. The opening and closing times is between 8:45-3:10 (depending on before/after school clubs). This school is provided by the state and offer education for children 4-11 years. They have qualified staff and aim to support children though after school activities, extra help in classes if a child needs more support. They work with adults through parents evenings so the parents can meet their child’s teacher, also the parents will have a better understanding where the child is up to e.g. milestones. Workshops so parents can learn what the children are learning in school, this supports both the child and parents as it means the parent can help the child at home. A statutory sector can be free full time education for the child. This is helpful to families that are struggling financially or unable to work therefore cannot afford to pay for education. A voluntary sector is provided by local authorities or central government departments, for example a playgroup. This setting normally takes place in a church hall. In this setting children benefit from socialising with other children and participating in early learning activities delivered by trained workers. Parents can develop relationships with other families and have the benefit of their experiences, learning new parenting skills and techniques. A playgroup is usual open between 9am-12pm they have qualified childcare workers, the age range is usually between 2 ½ - 4 years old The private sector is the third type of setting. An
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