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Lynn Cox PTTLS Assignment 1 Describe the role and responsibilities and boundaries of the teacher in The Lifelong Learning Sector We are a small community college with a limited team of three childcare teachers, currently between us we deliver, the BTEC Level 1 in Working with Children, NVQ Level’s 2 & 3 In Children’s Care, Learning and Development (CCLD) and NVQ Level 3 in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools (STLS) courses, this can change every year depending on the needs of the learners we attract to the college. At the moment my teaching role is to plan and deliver a BTEC Level 1 and a CCLD Level 3 course off-site to the college, and a CCLD Level 2 & 3 within the college. I feel one of my responsibilities is to ensure a good standard of teaching and learning for all learners whether off-site or within the college. Although I also assess learners in order to support them in completing their qualification, as a teacher I also deliver the knowledge evidence required. This seems to work but there are times I feel under pressure to offer support and guidance to them within both roles, this can mean disruption within the classroom so I have to encourage them to contact their own assessors with any queries they may have. My role as a teacher begins with the induction process, which includes all the necessary paperwork for the college, as well as the portfolio paperwork required. The process of supporting the learners with getting to know each other, feeling confident etc, as for many of them they are returning to learning after a long spell away from academic work, is vitally important in order for them to continue with the course as well as making their learning experience a positive one. In terms of the teaching training cycle, I endeavour to take this on board within my role, by beginning with assessing learner’s needs to ensure the

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