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Name: Date: Initials: Page no: ERR AC 5.4 describe recent changes in service delivery which have affected own area of work. I work in a children’s centre so we do not take in any children and look after them however we do have an adviser in our centre that helps people to apply for the early years two years funding and we help them apply for the funding and raise awareness of two years funding. Two years funding gives a child 15 hours of free care in a setting a week that is funded by the government. They will be eligible for it if they are income support, are on income based jobseekers allowance, income related employment and…show more content…
She choked on a piece of jelly that was being used for a sensory activity in a free play session. They tried to do resuscitation on her but unfortunately their efforts failed and she later died. An inquest was taken into the death and OFSTED were brought in to investigate why her death could not have been prevented. This has affected my setting as we are more aware of the dangers of different materials and think about the activities we do because of it. Also in the last year the royal borough of Kingston and Richmond have merged to become achieving for children. This provides a “bespoke children’s social care and education support service to other local authorities, schools and partners in the education, health, social care and criminal justice sectors” this has changed my setting as we are now under new provisions and employment. Being AFC also means that in my setting, a children’s centre that my manager will have meetings with other managers of children centres not only in Kingston but Richmond as well. For childcare providers it means that AFC will provide * “Support from qualified and experienced early years consultants with wide ranging knowledge of the national agenda and the local
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