Cu1536 Professional Practice in Early Years Settings

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CU1536 – Professional practice in early year’s settings. 1.1 - There are many different types of childcare provision, these include: Mother and toddler groups- a place where the toddler can socialise with other children their age, whilst the mother or father can stay and learn more ways to look after and help with the child’s development. Pre-school- pre-school is a private nursery, one that is paid for by the parent, they do not do compulsory hours and the child doesn’t have a primary school place already. Some children can go to a school nursery in the morning and then go to a private nursery in the afternoon. Day care- a day care is for children from the age of 3 months to 5 years, they have different classes for children of different ages and the parents can drop of the child and pick them up when they wish. Some parents only take the child in for one or two hours a day so that they have some interaction with other children and have new experiences. Crèche- a crèche is a drop in centre style childcare provision, the parents do not pay a monthly fee they only pay when they need it, crèche’s are in many different places such as gyms, shopping centres and churches, in these areas the children are looked after whilst the parents can work out, shop or pray. The early year’s sector consists of various forms of provision which meet the needs of babies and young children, and of their families, in a variety of ways. 2.2. - The impact of current policies, frameworks and influences on the Early Years sector is that it is bringing everyone together as a whole. The Welfare and Rights of the children are now taken more seriously. Children are now able to play, engage in and express themselves freely and are being heard. With all groups linked together, working with the same child will mean that the child will learn more effectively. Information is
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