Dubai Airport Essay

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“Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now, wish right now, wish right now.” This very song by B.O.B was playing in my head as my Emirates aircraft was approaching Dubai to land. There were so many airplanes around us, each waiting for their turn to land and it appeared as if the sky was lit up with airplanes more than stars. This personal experience is just a testament to show how far Emirates and Dubai have come since their humble beginnings in 1985. In this study, I aim to analyze the significance of Dubai and its strategic location in galvanizing the success of Emirates. Emirates emulated Air France and KLM in following the global mega-hub concept. Dubai benefited from several strategic advantages as a hub city. Weather Being situated on a desert, Dubai enjoyed good weather as it remained relatively free of the rain and snow storms that caused delays in European and American airspaces. Geographic Location Dubai’s location in the middle-east placed it strategically at the nexus of global transit routes between Europe, Asia, Oceania and Africa. Emirates benefited with its position at the cross-section of two major traffic flows – North West to South East and North East to South West. The North West to South east flow was basically passengers from Europe travelling to South Asia and East Asia. The North East to South West flow was passengers from China going to Africa as trade between the two regions grew. Moreover, another big advantage that Dubai had was that one third of the global population stayed within a four hour plane journey from Dubai and more than two thirds were within an eight hour plane journey. Lesser air-traffic European airspace was extremely congested and hence flights could only land there during certain time periods. Dubai’s distance from Europe and the lack of
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