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ppy4Neil Armstrong is known to be one of the greatest influences in history. His remarkable fascination with space as a small child would play a big part in making him interested in aviation. This started at the age of six when Armstrong took his first plane ride. Also as a child he would go to his neighbor’s house and look through a telescope and see all of the cool things in space not knowing that one day he would be able to see these things even closer than he ever imagined. One day his imagination of space would become a reality. Armstrong decided to take his interest in aviation to a whole new level by pursuing a career in aeronautics. As a teen, Armstrong held many jobs, especially at his local airport. After a while, he had decided to take flying lessons and soon after he turned 16, he was rewarded his pilot license. (Millis)Armstrong began experimenting things in his home to prepare himself for his future. He built a small wind tunnel in the basement of his home. He also performed experiments using the model planes he had made. Through these activities he was preparing for what would be a distinguished career in aeronautics, or the design, construction, and navigation of aircrafts. When Armstrong graduated from Wapakoneta’s Blume high school, he decided to pursue a degree in Aeronautical engineering by going to Purdue University. (Brinkleypg.26-78) To go here, he used the Holloway plan, which was a grant that sent to deserving recipients to the University for the completion of their bachelor’s degree before committing to at least 3 years of naval service. (Millis) After two years of studying to completing his degree, in 1947 he was called to the Pensacola Naval Air station in Florida where he later received his jet pilot wings.(Brinkleypg.26-78) There he flew 78 combat missions in the Korean War, which was a civil war between North and South Neil served from

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