Driving Through Sawmill Towns Poem Analysis

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People see the world in more ways than one. Everyone has their own perspective and opinion on one event or object. The texts: Driving through Sawmill Towns, The Shoehorn Sonata and Fly Me to the Moon all show how the composers see a certain scenario. The first text I chose, a poem, Driving Through Sawmill Towns by Les Murray is about a young man driving through a sawmill town and telling the audience about his experience and perspective of this place. With the use of imagery the author draws a picture of how he is entering the town. “ Down the tilting road into a distant valley, you drive without haste.” Which is later changed to; “You speed away through the upland, glare through towns, and gone in the forest, glowing on…show more content…
The blue singlets also symbolises the working class. “The houses there wear verandahs out of shyness, all day in calendar kitchens, women listen for cars on the road, lost children in the bush, a cry from the mill, a footstep – nothing happens.” This is a clear example of olden day traditions as women being housewives. The poem, Driving Through Sawmill Towns by Les Murray is a good example of perspective or a view of the world from someone else. With the use of symbolism and imagery the author was able to clearly draw a picture of ‘sawmill towns’ in the audience’s mind and his outlook on these places. The second text that I chose is Fly Me to the Moon by TGP as it combines both music and lyrics to draw a view on an event. In this case the composer gives the audience her perspective on love in form a ‘euphoria’ or euphoric event. The song starts off with a faster than normal beat symbolising a heart racing then introducing a high frequency melody that is played repeatedly. This is done to give the song a fantasy feel, a dream…show more content…
And take me higher to your rainbow. Higher. Higher. Higher. Higher. Higher.” In this verse the composer is trying to emphasis the dream state of this song, putting it across as a ‘wish’ and giving the phrase ‘pray that it comes true’ shows that ‘dream’ sense again – showing it is most likely to come true. “And take me higher to your rainbow. Higher. Higher. Higher. Higher. Higher.” The composer seems to draw the image of an orgasm demonstrated by the repetitive use of the word ‘higher’ and the setting of the song. “Love me like you did last night. Love me in your dreams tonight.” This is the purpose of the song – what the song is about. Which is then followed by; “Hold me close or hold me tight. Feel your body close to mine.” The use of imagery here tells the listener what is taking place. From this the audience can then link what is happening with the rest of the song revealing that the composer, after making love is taken to his/her’s ‘special place’ – a place of dreams. The song, Fly Me to the Moon by TGP, through the use of metaphors, imagery and music is a good example of opinion and perspective. From this song we are able to draw out the composers feeling and view of ‘making

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