Drugs Are the Problem

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In the essay "The Missing Piece to the Gang-Violence Debate" Dan Gardner claims that drugs are the main reason for gang related violence in Canada. He argues that most people blame the violence on things such as kids who grew up without fathers, and consequences in court that are not harsh enough, but this is only a piece of the puzzle. What people don’t know is that drugs are the primary reason for gang related deaths in Canada. Gardner explains that if illegal drugs were never invented, then most of the violence would be eliminated. Dan Gardner suggests that drugs are the reason most people are killed by guns. He says “if you can’t sue, you shoot” (235), meaning that in the criminal life of drugs, a person can’t call the police if their illegal drugs get stolen, so they take matters into their own hands and end up using guns and violence to solve their problems. He explains that even if all of the drug dealers were in jail, the drugs would not disappear. This is because the need for drugs is too great and people will find them no matter what. In his essay, Dan Gardner suggests that the politicians are trying to get the votes through an obligation to the people that they will minimize the violence by making harsher consequences and adding more police. This will not work, but the people don’t know that. This has been an ongoing affair that needs to change. Gardner insists that the ones who are controlling all of the drugs are dominant, forceful people and when they end up in jail is when the violence grows the most. People are struggling to keep the business going, but without their leaders, ultimately the function of the business shatters. Gardner suggests that if drugs were legal then the violence and killing would decrease substantially. Dan Gardner concludes that something different needs to be done in order to get the numbers of gang related killings
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