Role Of Organized Crime In Canada

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Is the Canadian government doing enough to stop organized crime? Submitted to: Mr. Roberts Date Due: Friday, March 4, 2011 Class: Gr. 11 Canadian Law By: Sukhraj Singh The Canadian police have defined organized crime as two or more people who assemble on a continuing basis to commit illegal activity to gain something. There is a misconception of organized crime in Canada, as many people believe there is no Mafia presence in Canada and that the Mafia only exists in America, but that is untrue. Organized crime is a very big issue in Canada. Not much has been done to stop organized crime, the government of Canada needs to do more to stop and attempt to destroy organized crime in Canada because illicit drugs are becoming more of an issue,…show more content…
9) Approximately eighty two million dollars is laundered each year, the government needs to take significant action. This is because the insertion of laundered money into the economy corrupts banks and government officials, and un-stabilizes the control of money and enhances a cross- border wealth movement. Another type of financial crime is insurance fraud. Insurance fraud costs Canadian a lot of money each year. “ The Insurance Bureau of Canada states that insurance fraud continues to costs Canadians more than a billion dollars annually through insurance premiums, with 541. 9 million annually in vehicle theft- related insurance costs.” (CISC, pg. 20) Again Canada needs to do something to stop fraud like this because it is costing Canadians way too much. The link between organized crime and insurance fraud is many organized crime groups are involved in the staging of vehicle accidents and making fake injury claims which involve many people from car thieves to lawyers, doctors, chiropractors and other medicals professionals, who can testify and give expert opinions on injuries. So organized crime groups play a huge role in insurance fraud. That money could go to something else, that is useful. Another type of is payment card fraud. Most criminal groups involved in payment card fraud are involved in lower aspects of the market like using counterfeit cards to purchase goods. “ In 2006 according to the Canadian Bankers Association, credit card fraud…show more content…
The government is ignoring the need to do something about organized crime, so gangs continue to commit illegal deeds. The government of Canada needs to do more to stop and destroy organized crime in Canada because, illicit drugs are becoming more of an issue, financial crime is developing more and more and gang groups continue to enlarge. If the government does not act quickly then organized crime will continue to expand and commit more illegal deeds. Society is affected by organized crime every day. Some may not be aware but it affects things like the taxes you pay, your insurance rates, banking fees, even your safety and health. In economic related crimes organized crime takes away about $600 each year from a family of four, in debit and credit card

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