Dream Job Exploration Essay

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| | | | | | | | | Dream Job Career Exploration McDonald’s Corp pulled in over twenty-eight billion dollars in revenue in 2013 (McGrath, 2014 np). Unlike Wal-Mart, which is still family owned, McDonald’s is a blue chip corporation having to either reinvest their profits for growth or give out a dividends of their profits once every three months accordingly to the shareholders of their stocks; which recently recorded “as of January 31, 2014 was 989,881,374” (McDonald’s Corp, 2014). Recently McDonald’s has been paying a dividend almost every three months to 1000’s of shareholders (Dividneds, 2014 np). What if a Corporation like McDonald’s had a single shareholder (owned by one person)? Now what if that single person was none other than myself? My dream job career would be to design, establish, operate and maintain such a famous and popular restaurant. A restaurant that is affordable to anyone; can be found anywhere and has a name that is synonymous to great food whenever anyone thinks about eating out. However, unlike McDonalds with their processed foods and harmful side effects as shown in the documentary Super Size Me, my restaurant would have a healthy focus with real food instead of the processed junk. As a health advocate, I would not sacrifice the quality of the foods my restaurant provides, nor the benefits of real foods to pinch out and extra penny in profits. A restaurant that is family friendly yet can cater to business dinners, one that can be found anywhere in the world and is able to provide a full menu. To build such a large and ambitious dream requires a lot of planning, hard work and luck. The first step would be startup capital, which would be used to build, maintain and expand the number of restaurants available. Knowledge of food and beverage industries worldwide would be critical; from suppliers to the ingredients

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