Wilbur Hardee's Financial Analysis

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Hardee's is one of many fast food restaurants in the world. The company CKE Restaurants, Inc. owns Hardee's and Carl's Jr. Wilbur Hardee founded Hardee's in 1960. CKE Restaurants, Inc. is a very successful business even with the economy. There are four aspects of CKE Restaurants, Inc. that will be covered which are the financial health, management, economy, and comparison to other fast food chains. One important aspect of CKE Restaurants, Inc. is the financial health. The first place to look to determine the financial health of the company is the 10K-Reports. The 10K-Reports contain information about all aspects of the company including the management team, how it was founded, and all financial statements. Some of the information that can be determined by the 10K-Report is the net profit, debt to asset ratio, and debt to total assets. The current performance of the company is very good. In the thirteen weeks ended on January 31, 2011, the company had a net loss of $5,047 (in thousands). In the thirteen weeks ended on January 31, 2012, the company had a net income of $88 (in thousands). The fiscal 2012 cash incentive compensation is $1,985,844. The Hardee's in La Follette Tennessee has an average income per month of $120,000 before deductions of payroll, merchandise, and all other overhead. With this information, it shows a good view of the future performance of the company. If the net income,…show more content…
The strategies that CKE Restaurant, Inc, has in place to continue to succeed is to not be just like the other fast food chains. Hardee's and Carl's Jr believe in serving safe, quality food to every guest and at every meal. CKE Restaurant, Inc. follows a quality assurance and product safety program. The program meets the challenges of food safety in todays world of foodborne illnesses and food sanitation

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