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1. How did Domtar’s strategies align with its mission? Explain your answer. The strategy and mission is supported by focusing on return on investment and customer service. One component was the institution of the Kaizen methods and the associated training. 2. Given the difficulty of organizational change, what factors contributed to the success at Domtar? How did Domtar’s management at all levels contribute to reducing resistance to change? What else might they have done? Royer hired a Kaizen specialist, which in turn assisted Domtar in getting their employees involved by expanding on their knowledge. This also helped the company to be more effective. Royer ensured that all levels understood the new strategy. The “Domtar Difference,” as it is called, is reflected in the statement, “tapping the intelligence of the experts, our employees.” Employees must be motivated to become involved in developing new ways of doing things. The company was aware that in order to motivate its employees that it would have to supply some type of reward system. The company wanted the employees’ attitudes to change, to be more open to accepting change. The success hinged on internal structural changes. Domtar’s’ managers allowed its employees to be a part of the change not just accept it. This allowed the employees to not only accept the change but allowed them to grow with the change. In turn, the employees felt confident about the change. Domtar might have thought more about getting their employees more involved in the beginning. I don’t think Domtar could have been more successful with this approach. 3. What were the major HRD challenges associated with Domtar’s acquisitions and joint partnerships? How were these challenges addressed and what were the risks associated with these approaches? The challenges Domtar faced were with attitudes towards cultural change, finding

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