Domestic Terrorism in The United States

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Domestic terrorism has occurred in The United States since it's founding, and to better understand the reasoning behind it and to prevent it we must know exactly what it is. What is domestic terrorism? Domestic terrorism is that act of committing terrorism against one's own country, with no direction or involvement from foreign sources. There are many different organizations dedicated to causing domestic terrorism, some solely in The United States. Although there are many groups dedicated to domestic terrorism, many acts of terrorism are committed by lone individuals or small groups. We must also understand the motives behind the acts, every event has usually had some political motive behind it. Religious motivated domestic terrorism plays a smaller role in The Untied States, but can be quite common elsewhere in the world. The political motives can be divided into three sections; left-wing, right-wing, and special interest. Groups like the Ku Klux Klan and The Animal Liberation Front, are classified as “special interest” groups because their beliefs are not specific to any one end of the political spectrum. Most of the “left” or “right-wing” motives are perpetrated by individuals or smaller groups. The Wall Street bombing of 1910, Oklahoma City bombing, and the UNAMBOMBER attacks, were all committed by individuals or small groups of people. These major events in The United State's history got major headlines while smaller acts done by large groups get media attention for a short time. In The United States, there is specific legislation and laws dedicated solely to the deterrence of terrorism and domestic terrorism. These laws are placed on top of existing laws dealing specifically with terrorism. One act of legislation in recent years signed into law by George W. Bush, was the “United States of America Patriot Act,” also known as “The Patriot Act.” This set of

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