Doing Business in a Different Culture Essay

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The vagaries of doing Business in Different Culture: doing Business in the Culture of Ireland Introduction The current global market has the tendency of business executives doing business in cultures that are different from their own. This has been in response to the market which globalization has created. This has posed a major challenge for these executives because business takes place within a culture. However, they faced with doing business in cultures they are not well acquainted with. Different world communities or countries have different cultures. Culture entails the way of life of a people, which is distinct and separates their lifestyle from that of other people. It is important that as a businessperson, one must know the culture of the community in which he would like to do his business. This is especially when the community is different from his own. Communication is a very important facet in business. For one to do business in a community that is not his own, he must know how to communicate with these people. However, communication is contained in the culture of a people and therefore, one must know the culture of that particular community in which he intends to do his business for him to know how to communicate effectively with the target community (Charlene & Shell 12) . A part from communication styles of the target community, one must know the business strategies that are used within the target culture and multicultural etiquette; which enables one to know how to relate with different cultures. Business strategies differ from one country to another. In fact, what could be considered good in one community could be considered bad in another community. A businessperson should not therefore assume that the business strategies in his culture extend to all other cultures in equal measures. It is also

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