Does Globalization Innocent as It Looks?

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DOES GLOBALIZATION INNOCENT AS IT LOOKS? In today’s world, it is certain that it cannot be avoided to hear the word globalization. Especially this concept has got more common for last two decades, since the effects of the globalism can be easily noticeable in these years. Before discuss the effects of the globalism; to give the meaning of this process is that assemble the different people or societies, and making economy activities internationally via exchange ideas, capital, information, goods and service and technology. According to the Tom G. PALMER points out about the globalization that “the diminution or elimination of state-enforced restrictions on exchanges across borders and the increasingly integrated and complex global system of production and exchange that has emerged as a result”[1]. He emphasizes that the restriction between the borders is reduced with the globalization. The most important effect of globalization is on economy. Via the globalization, economy is universal and people can trade internationally without any tariff and export fees. A lot of economist have thought that globalism has a good impact on countries growth economically and has advantages to countries and beneficial for the traders, some of them deny or refuse the other side of the coin that it has some drawbacks, such as income distribution inequality, making poor countries poorer and making rich countries richer and the last point is that the economy crisis of one country effects economy of the whole countries. First of all; to begin with one of the disadvantages of the globalism that is, although the globalism of the economy supports that the countries have same incoming profit, some of them get different profit or unbalanced earning money. Especially, multinational companies can easily enter the rivalry against to the local business of the countries, due to the

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