To What Extent Is the New Right Internally Coherent?

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To what extent is the New Right internally coherent? (45) The New Right is a political movement that was first coined in the USA, but it contains past ideas and ideologies. It is a range of radical right-wing groups and ideologies which advocate laissez-faire economic policies, anti-welfarism, and the belief in the rights of the individual over the common good. The New Right can be said to be internally coherent in a political sense in terms of the compatibility of its goals such as their view on minimal state and the support of the market economy. However, the New Right incorporates neo-liberalism, which is a moderation of liberalism that supports free market economics and the minimal role of the state. But it also incorporates neo-conservatism which contrasts from neo-liberalism as it has a strong stance on law and order and the authoritarian state, focusing on nationalism. Firstly the New Right can be said to internally coherent in a political sense and in terms of the compatibility of its goals. All members of the New Right are capable of accepting a strong but minimal state as neo-conservatives believe in an authoritarian strong state in which they prevent excessive freedom due to their view on human nature, but not excessive state so there is not a dependency culture created. The neo liberals also believe that there should be minimal state but in an economic sense, and this is in order to allow capitalism to flourish without excessive restraints and laws imposed on business, and this is to encourage competition in the market to improve efficiency and profit. So in terms of their view on a strong, but minimal role of the state they differ on the reasons for support but it implies they are internally coherent. However, the New Right could be said to be internally divided in the sense that there is conflict between the ideas of society. Neo-liberals
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