Doctor Faustus. Film Play

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Doctor Faustus: theatre Vs film Having seen the film directed by Richard Burton, Doctor Faustus, it is impossible to say that there are several differences between it and the original play written by Marlowe. Some of these differences are observed because of the advantages that visual and audible media has. To establish the comparison following an order, differences are listed below: o Firstly, we can guess the age of the main character in the film, and not in the play, and also see how there is no difference when he died, although 24 years has passed. o Secondly, the woman that represents to Helen of Troy play a very important role in the development of the plot in the film. She is present every time that Faustus makes a decision. However, in the play, she appears only in some specific moments. o Thirdly, there is an immediate change in Faustus’s physical appearance when he sells his soul that does not appear in the play. He seems younger. o There is no chorus’ speech in the film. o In terms of characters, there are several minor ones which do not appear in the film. Wagner’s participation in the play is higher than in the film and, of course, Robin does not appear. There are two necessary characters in the story, the Good Angel and the Evil Angel. Those angels are not represented in the play, but in the film, their voices come from a caravel and a saint. o There is a change in the order of the story in the film. In the play, Faustus visits the Pope and then Charles V, but in the film, the emperor is visited firstly. o In the play every Deathly Sins talk to Faustus, but in the film only some of them do it. o There are several changes observed in the visit to the Pope. Firstly there are some sounds that Faustus does in the film that does not appear in the act 3, scene 2 in the play. Then, in the play, a character called Bruno
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