Frankenstein: Film Vs. The Novel

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Meghan Ruddlesden November 20, 2012 Essay #3 Frankenstein: The Film versus the Novel Frankenstein is a reoccurring legend that no one knows much information about. People see all of the versions of this classic “monster” today but do we truly know where the original creature came from? As a matter of fact, not many people know that the original Frankenstein was a book, not a movie or a TV show. The classic novel Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley in 1818 which led to many interpretations and outlooks of the book. The deep meaning of this story can only be understood if the book is read from beginning to end. Over the past century, many have read this book and began creating a Frankenstein from how they perceive the character, making…show more content…
Out of the ample amounts of creations, the only thing that seems to be similar to the novel is the monster itself. There have been TV shows, movies, books, poems, cartoon characters, and nearly anything you can think of that tries to impersonate her version. James Whale created a movie in order to personate Mary Shelley’s book, but it’s not an exception in being similar. In the novel and in the movie as well, the character was intended to be a nice creature that was supposed to be seen as strong, fast, and very smart but upon the creation, he came out ugly and was seen as a monster. Victor states that he cannot describe his emotions at this catastrophe (Shelley 43), knowing that his vision in his head came out different than he intended. The one thing that seemed to be consistent in transposing the book into a movie was the monster’s strength and…show more content…
In the book, the monster hid in the house of the DeLacey’s. While he was hiding, he managed to see how a family worked and what not. While in hiding, he learned to read from old literature, Milton’s Paradise to be exact. He also taught himself to speak through means of the literature that was written in early modern English. Through doing this, his words were very clear and eloquent. In the movie, he doesn’t learn to speak at all. He just grunts and growls and attempts to speak, but he can never make anything out. The monster is clearly just making sounds the whole time and no one can understand what he intends to

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