Do You Agree with Barbara Kinglover's Statement?

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Scott 1 I most certainly do not agree with Barbara Kingsolver’s statement, I think that’s it is up to the person if they want to have a Barbie and Ken household. No, I don’t mean “Oh if I say I’m going to have one, its going to happen,” absolutely not! Some are not as lucky as others. But if you choose wisely, just pray to God that it is a good decision. You can come from generations of divorced families, and have a “Barbie and Ken” household. I know that from personal experience, my dad is from a divorced family, and our family does not compare. I see my parents fight once a year. Those fights are probably about who forgot to pick us up from school, and who didn’t take out the garbage! It is, nothing serious. I was blessed to have a “Barbie and Ken” household! And that right there is proof that even though he grew up in a divorced household, that does not mean that he was destined to be divorced when he got older. That also goes for the “Brady bunch” families, gay families or single parents. Yes, that is the environment they are raised in, but that does not mean that their children are going to turn out as failures. God didn’t make each and every one of us perfect, so we will make mistakes every once in a while. Hopefully, the children know that even though their childhood was a certain way, theirs doesn’t have to be that way. One of the preeminent values of the Christian community is that marriage should last a lifetime. As Jesus said, "what God has joined together, let not man separate" Mathew 19:6. We all try to do what the bible tells us we should do, because we need to be the best Christians we can possibly be. But we all sin and times get hard and that is when we need to make decisions as sinners of what we should do, and it may come down to divorce. No one wants to be divorced and have to have their children go through all that pain, but we never know
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