People Should Not Have Any Kind of Sexual Relationships Outside of Marriage Essay

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‘People should not have any kind of sexual relationships outside of marriage.’ The Christian Church often has very strict views on love and sex. These are based on passages from the Bible. Christians are often encouraged to love one another in a non-sexual way. This type of love is called ‘agape’. As there are different denominations, there are different views on sexual relations before marriage. The Catholic Church has always taught that sex outside of marriage is a sin. Catholics believe that people shouldn’t live with eachother unless they are married and only when they are married should they be able to have sexual relations. Catholics think that contraception is wrong I think that to go so far as to say those sexual relations outside of marriage is a sin isn’t right. I think that as long as two people are in a committed relationship it shouldn’t be an issue whether they have sexual relationships or not. In the Church of England the marriage service says that marriage is a remedy against sin, and to avoid fornication outside marriage. The majority of protestants believe sex before marriage should not happen. They believe it is better to live celibate lives than to marry, unless they burn with passion. I think living celibate lives is virtually impossible in today’s society. I also think it’s a silly thing to expect of people. The bible contradicts itself quite often, for example, the bible tells us ‘to go forth and multiple,’ however in 1 Corinthians 7:9 it tells woman who aren’t married to stay like that and that it is good to be unmarried, meaning they aren’t able to have sexual relations. Modern Liberal Christians are more understanding about the society in which we live in; although they do of course still follow the rules and regulations, often they will be more allowing. However, the main reason for marriage is to have children,

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