Why Life Matters to God

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Why My Life Matters to God 2 Throughout this semester I have learned why my life matters to God through Core 100 and the different activities and discussions that we have done. God made each individual like himself, who could reason and feel love and only his opinion matters. God gave me specific gifts and talents to carry out my calling, which is what he wants for me. I know that God has great plans for me and something for me to accomplish in this life. God also created relationships in my life to help me through the tough times because my life matters to him. First of all, I know that God created me like himself so I could reason and feel love so only his opinion of me matters. I learned this in the Core 100 lectures with the different speakers, and also in some of the connecting like Jesus discussions. I know that I will find someone who doing a better at something than me, and I may become discouraged. Paul said it is foolish to compare ourselves with others. Sometimes in life we will find people that won’t agree with what we are doing, even we know it is the right thing, like following God. In reality it does not matter what they think. It matters what God thinks. Often times we get caught up in who is wearing what and who drives what kind of car and the materialistic things get in our way of loving God and carrying out what he wants for us. God does not care what kind of care we drive or if we are wearing Abercrombie jeans and the only opinion that matters of us and our choices is Gods. It is not about us. It is about God. My life matters to God because he created me and life for the opinion that matters is his. Throughout Core 100 I learned that I am important to God because he has a certain plan for me and he does not care about the materialistic things. What I am discovering through Core 100 is that there are many ways to please God. Throughout the
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