Diversity Right and Equality

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Content page: 1. Explain using one standard dictionary and at least 3 other appropriate references, the terms, diversity, rights and equality in relation to health and social care. This portfolio will illustrate in details my knowledge on diversity rights and equality in relation to health and social care. A number of evidence with is provided from various materials. Diversity rights and equality is health helps the services users to recognize their rights by supporting them exercise their right. According to Macmillan English Dictionary Diversity is define as “the fact that very different people or things exist within a group or place” (2002) p.397. Diversity means difference, and people’s difference can be varied; by Race, Culture, National origin, Gender and Sexual orientation. Diversity is about creating a culture and practices that recognize, respect and value difference in people. They are different types of right, right of freedom of speech, freedom of movement, right to live or die the children right act, the right to protect you and family in any way as long as it’s legal and it does no harm to anybody. Right is seen has “fair, proper, good, upright, righteous, virtuous, moral and ethical” Concise Oxford Thesaurus (2007) (ED) p.713. Most people have little or no knowledge of their right so therefore the need more information about the use rights. For example; children’s act 1908, children and young people 1969, children’s act 2003 and human right act 1998. Equality is define has “the state of been equal especially in having the same rights, status, and opportunity” Macmillan English Dictionary (2002) p.458. Equality is about making sure that people are given equal chance, that they are treated fairly. Equality is not about treating everyone in the same way, but meeting and recognising their needs are look and met in different ways according to what
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