District 9 Essay

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District 9 Shauna Waye Throughout the movie, District 9, Christopher displayed many good attributes that helped Wikus grow as a person. In the beginning of the movie, Wikus was rude, obnoxious, and inconsiderate of others. After spending time with Christopher and seeing how he acted, Wikus was able to change for the better. The three main ways that Christopher was able to help Wikus were when Christopher showed forgiveness, he helped his enemy, and he loved everyone. In the beginning of the movie, Wikus displayed very poor behaviour towards Christopher. Christopher was different from the humans, so Wikus treated him horribly. For example, in the movie Wikus threatened Christopher by saying that he was going to take his child away if he didn’t evacuate his house immediately. Christopher realized Wikus wasn’t being fair to Christopher because it’s illegal to make someone evacuate without giving them 24 hours of notice. Even after all of that, Christopher was able to forgive Wikus. Wikus realized that he had treated Christopher horribly, and when he saw that Christopher was able to forgive him, it made him a better person. Another good attribute that Christopher displayed was that he helped his enemy. The humans were horrible to the aliens; they even called them “prawns,” which refers to the bottom-feeding sea creature they resemble. Wikus was equally horrible to Christopher in the beginning of the movie, and he thought of Christopher as his enemy just because he wasn’t human. Christopher was still willing to help his enemy even after Wikus had been so mean to him. For example, when Wikus’ left arm metamorphosed into that of a prawn’s, everyone was after him, and Wikus had nowhere to go. Fortunately for him, Christopher was able to see that Wikus was in trouble, so he allowed him to hide in his house. Christopher’s acts of kindness allowed Wikus to change for
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