John Bender Essay

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John Bender is the “bad boy” of the 1985 film, The Breakfast Club. Portrayed by Judd Nelson, Bender is rude, sarcastic, and full of attitude. While I am entertained by Bender’s “don’t-care attitude”, what I love even more is the fact that he doesn’t appear to care that he even has an attitude in the first place. He is the kind of rudely blunt and honest that we would all like to be sometimes. He is so sarcastic that it is sometimes too ridiculous and mean to be considered just “sarcastic”. Bender wreaks havoc throughout the entire Saturday that he is forced to spend with four fellow high schoolers in detention. While I am not personally even close to being nearly as smart-mouthed and cynical as Bender, I can maybe faintly relate to him with my own sense of sarcasm that I was sort of “known for” in my latter years of high school. My classmates often referred to me as “the sarcastic one”, and I would say I have the kind of sense of humor that if you don’t understand it, I probably don’t come off as a very nice person. My senses of sarcasm and wit are definitely nowhere near as insane as those of John Bender, but they are two characteristics that I definitely believe I have in common with him to some extent. Another thing that really attracts me to the character of John Bender is his hidden sense of vulnerability. In the film, it is learned that a lot of his attitude and anger stems from his unstable home life that includes an abusive father. He may pose an attitude toward Principal Vernon, but when it is just the two of them in the scene where Vernon personally threatens him, Bender has a look of slight defeat on his face, and seems almost hurt by the personal attack. I like that he isn’t afraid to show this defenselessness, even if he is alone in a closet. Perhaps my favorite display of his sensitive side though, is at the end of the film, once when Claire
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