"Am I Blue?" Fear Essay

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“Am I Blue?” is a short story written by Bruce Coville. This story is about a fairy godfather named Melvin who helps Vince deal with his sexual confusion. Vince wishes for all the gays to turn blue and is surprised at how much people turned to a shade of blue. In the end, Vince is still undecided about his sexual identity but is much more comfortable with himself. This story’s message about fear is that we shouldn’t let the fears we have to destroy who we really are. If we let our fears destroy who we really are, not only are we going to be in the inside but we are also going to be physically destroyed. On page 3, Butch is picking on Vince for being homosexual. “You little fruit… Butch had slammed me as the culminating exercise of my learning experience.” Vince thinks that he is in a lower class than Butch because Vince is different than other peers. He is suffering physically only because he is sevually different than others. Not only is he being made fun of by Butch, his fairy godfather also calls him names. On page 5, Vince reminds Melvin not to call him names. “Don’t call me honey! I snapped.” Because Vince keeps letting others hurt him for who he is, he becomes smaller as a person. Even his godfather, who was supposed to help him find his true identity, called him honey, thinking that Vince would be fine. Therefore, fear shouldn’t be destroying who we are because it’s not going to do any good except for hurting us physically. Secondly, fear shouldn’t hold us back because we are not alone. Someone close to us may be experiencing the same thing and we just may not know it. Vince has wished that Melvin would turn on the gaydar to see what the world really is like. On page 12, Vince finally opens his eyes and is surprised how many people are just like him. “It was like seeing the world through new eyes. Mr.Alwain, the fat guy who ran the grocery store,
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