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Distant Lands by Tim Winton explores the longing and dissatisfaction of a young woman working at her family owned newsagency. She is a strong example of a character trapped in her own mind and responses. viewing the world through distorted lenses. At the beginning of the story she saw herself as only 'Fat Maz" with nothing to her name but her job. Wintons writing craft captures the raw perceptions of Fat Maz through her own and what she believes to be society's eyes. His style is often impressionistic with short scenes and episodes enacting how characters feel, percieve, and react to different settings, situations and characters. These skillful glimpses and snapshots of moments shows us how the characters inter-relate with the situations and settings to show humanity is dynamic. With themes of selfworth, loyalty and independance it was desire that drove her. Although Fat Maz felt loyalty towards her father and the store, she also developed a strong bond with the mysterious man who came into the store each lunch hour to read. The powerful yet unspoken connection she shared with…show more content…
From this we are encouraged to look outside the edge of mainstream society and see a wider humanity, rather then the dominant class. We are also told about his clean well manicured hands and conservative sharp suits. From this infomation we are able to see that he can infact afford the book, yet for some reason chooses not to purchase it. At this point Winton is encouraging the reader to look deeper into the story and get a feel for the characters surroundings. It then becomes easy for the reader to understand why the unnamed man chooses to read in the store, because despite all Fat Maz's soul searching and her father's bad temper, the newsagency is actually a very place with a homey feel. Also a familiar place the reader can relate

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