Similarities Between Malcolm X And Benjamin Franklin

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Monique Velez Dr. LoVerde Paper # 3 English 1-A WC 725 The Apprentices, The Prisoner: The Self-Education of Benjamin Franklin and Malcolm X The two great writers known as Benjamin Franklin and Malcolm X are two great articulate speakers and writer. Their talents should be recognized for inspiration. Their stories are unique, however similar in many ways. Both men came from poverty and had to face their challenges that they faced in life. Their desire to educate themselves through their own unique learning styles. Benjamin Franklin desired books from a very young age, but accidentally came across his talent. Although working with his brother gave him the opportunity to explore his skills as an Apprentice. Franklin realized he had an unquestionable passion to further his learning. Nevertheless, Franklin valued his scholarly skills and continuously tried to improve them…show more content…
I have had struggles that have affected me profoundly. I believe Malcolm X fight with politics gave him a voice that we still hear today, not to say Benjamin Franklin did not have a lasting impression in the world, however I conceive that today’s generation could relate to Malcolm X story on a deeper understanding. Growing up and as well as an adult I also learn by reading. I gain my knowledge through reliable resources that will help me understand what I am trying to learn. In conclusion, both Benjamin Franklin and Malcolm X did not let life get in the way of knowledge. All the struggles that came their way were over turned one page at a time! Their scholarly tales will only enhance the legacy that both men have an incredible sense of self-worth. Malcolm X and Benjamin Franklin were very articulate and wanted to achieve success and gain knowledge through reading. New eyes and ears will read their words and convey their own thoughts, helping a reader digest a new understanding to this ancient resource called a
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