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1. What are Simpson’s values? Strengths? Weaknesses? How do they fit with Eli Lilly? And with Haemonetics? Kevin Simpson has high values. He is an open and honest person, who values the organizational ethics and integrity and who treats people the way he would like to be treat. He is sensitive when it comes to minority rights, since he has grown up and developed a professional career as being always part of a minority group. He. Kevin is involved in community activities, dedicating extra time and effort to helping support youth and minority programs. Kevin is aware of his strengths and effectively uses them to increase his ability for excellence. Kevin is an achiever. Kevin has high expectations and has always excelled throughout his diversified professional carrier, starting as a sales person at Eli Lilly, until his last summer job at HP. He is a relationship-builder and influencer. He has the ability to build strong relationships with powerful people who served as his mentors and supported him to climb in his career. He often would have lunch with powerful executives at Eli Lilly and. Also, Kevin kept contacts with his professors at HBS, whom he would ask for advise about Haemonetics. Kevin in an information collector and analytical thinker. His has the ability to drill down details and collect information from people is … Kevin honestly acknowledged his weaknesses and did not ignore the fact that he failed to delegating tasks and hear innovative ideas from his subordinates Eli Lilly. By changing his attitude he minimized the damaging effects of such an attitude and as a result the STMS program was successfully implemented. His strengths and his weaknesses awareness attitude fit perfectly with Eli Lilly and Haemonetics. 2. What are the power dynamics at Eli Lily? And at Haemonetics? What types of power will Simpson have at each job? At Eli Lily the

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