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Shameni Selvarajah Mrs. Mansoor ENG 3U0 June 3, 2014 1460 words The Struggle between Human Emotion and Morality “Hatred, is the coward's revenge for being intimidated.” Andre Dubus III’s novel House of Sand and Fog uses the topic of racism to convey its ability to completely morph one’s true character. Throughout the novel, Massoud Amir Behrani is perceived as an angry ignorant man. However, he does not behave in the same manner towards the people whom he loves. Similarly, Lester Burdon’s character begins to significantly change when he speaks to the Behrani family, in contrast to the way he speaks to Kathy, which clearly shows how his hatred…show more content…
Behrani’s gradual transformation of character, Lester Burdon goes through similar changes from the beginning of the novel to the end. When Lester first meets Kathy he seems to be a well-rounded and loving man. When Kathy and Lester are eating lunch together she says “ He squeezed my hand and I suddenly felt so warm, like he really cared about me”(70). Although this is from Kathy’s point of view, it is obvious that he has a tight hold on her and even though they have only been out together once, she feels very close to him, and trusts him a lot. When Lester’s personality is revealed to the reader in this way, he brings an aura of protection and sincerity to himself. It can be inferred that he lives to please people and would never want to hurt anyone. Furthermore, as the novel begins to progress, Lester’s protectiveness begins to turn into anger, and he begins to grow a strong dislike to the Behrani family. While Lester is driving his car he says “To hell with these stupid Arabs” then he “steps on the break and runs over their newly cut grass and flowers”(131). Lester’s new behaviour and attitude towards the Behrani family is unforeseen, as at first he seemed like a very caring person who wanted to help as much as he could, but as his hatred towards the family increases, his change in morality does too. It seems as if all the things that he once cherished, have vanished because of his overwhelming and negative emotion. Additionally, Lester’s behaviour only gets worse when he thinks about killing the Behrani family. While keeping the family hostage Lester, “waved his gun in their direction and told them to keep quiet”(263).At this point in the novel Lester is a completely different man, instead of trying to protect others, he feels the need to destroy them. This all originated from his hatred toward the family giving a hard time to Kathy. Now his emotions have completely taken over his mentality and he has lost the only thing that makes him human,
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