The Narrator In Cathedral And The Red Incredible

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A narrator is the person who tells the story. Sometimes, the narrator is also a character within story. A good narrator is reliable and can bring a better understanding of story to the readers. In the story “Cathedral” and “The red convertible”, the narrators are characters themselves. Both of them told the story of another person who are suffering or in struggle. The narrator of “Cathedral” didn’t have a name. In the beginning of the story, when the narrator knew a blind man, Robert was coming to visit, he said “he was no one he knew and his being blind bothered me”, and stressing “a blind man in my house was not something I looked forward to.” From above declarative sentence, the narrator himself revealed how prejudiced he was before meeting Robert. In the flashback scene, the narrator once said “I heard my own name in the mouth of this stranger, this blind man I…show more content…
In fact, they were brothers. They bought the red convertible together and travelled around together. As readers, we could easily imagine their brotherhood, their excitement when buying the car and their happy time when travelling. After Henry returned from the army, though the narrator Lyman used flat tone in describing the overreaction of Henry and how he saw him eating bread with his blood, readers could directly feel how painful Lyman was as he was helpless in helping his brother. At the same time, the narrator didn’t use emotional words to express his feeling but readers could understand his pain of seeing how his brother suffered after war was already beyond explaining by words. When Henry said “it was no use”, the narrator was silent as he could do nothing. In the end, Henry jumped into the river and the red convertible demised with him. The narrator described the dead scene in a peaceful and not violent way, showing to the readers that his sadness couldn’t be explained and pretended to be nothing

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