Discuss The Problem Associated With Traffic Conges Essay

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In modern life, we have to face many problems one of which is traffic congestion day after day especially in some big cities in the world such as Tokyo, London, Bangkok and New York. Traffic congestion is a condition which is having too much traffic on road networks so movement is made difficult. There are some associated problems and some possible solutions of traffic congestion. There are many problems associated with traffic congestion. The main problem associated with traffic congestion was the overpopulation which causes significant increase of traffic in the metropolis. The road vehicle was inessential in the past but it is a necessity nowadays. Furthermore, bad weather causes traffic congestion. For example, drivers drive carefully and slowly when it is raining heavily with dense fog because the road is wet and slippery and driving conditions become dangerous. Furthermore, traffic congestion is caused by maintenance work such as repairing the underground cable, building new tram stop and setting up the street lamp pole. These make the traffic slow to a crawl during rush hour. In fact, Some disadvantages are caused by traffic congestion, including wasting time, wasting petrol and causing air pollution. There are some possible solutions for traffic congestion. First of all, the government needs to diminish the changes of public transport and increase the number and the frequency of the public transport services. The lower public transport fare they provide, the more people will take public transport services. Thus, people will take the public transport more then driving their own cars. Secondly, building a free parking complex outside the city area can solve one part of the problem. People can park their car in there for free so they can save up money from the parking and petrol fees in the cit. For instance, in Italy, the government built a free car park

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