Differences Between Nightmares and Night Terrors

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Pedro Salas Sarah King 1:30-2:45 English 100 Differences of Nightmares and Night Terrors We usually think that during night time, there is nothing really going on for us but to sleep. However, we can also encounter a lot of unusual and unfortunate things when night time sets in. Some examples of these are night terrors and nightmares. Most of us would usually think of these terms as similar; but, night terrors and nightmares are actually quite distinct from each other. So I am going to explain what night terrors and nightmares are and their distinct differences. What are nightmares? Nightmares are simply defined as scary or terrifying dreams. Although this can happen to anyone, nightmares are considered to be common among children. Most nightmares in children come very late at night or sometimes early in the morning. Children will usually wake up and will seek comfort from their parents. Once a nightmare happens, most children will already find it hard to go back to sleep. Some children may also have the same dream over and over again for a number of consecutive nights. What are night terrors? Night terrors on the other hand are also described as bad dreams; however, these usually happen in time of deep sleep. When a child experiences night terrors, he or she will wake up screaming, crying or shouting. Most children will also experience heavy sweating and rapid breathing. Aside from this, children with night terrors may react while still at their sleep. This is the reason why whenever they are waked up by their parents; they usually cannot remember or identify what caused them terror. Some children may also be difficult to wake after experiencing night terrors. This kind of night condition can also lead to other sleep problems such as sleep walking or talking. Night terrors and nightmares may arise from different sources too. Poor sleep, extreme stress,

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