Did Jesus Perform Miricles? Essay

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Did Jesus Perform Miracles? The question 'did Jesus perform Miracles' is a big question, but if you break it down its easier to answer, so then that gives us the question, 'what does Miracle mean?'. Miracle means something that defines the laws of science or nature, for example it could defy gravity, in which case someone could drop something then it could float in the air. I think that Jesus did not perform Miracles, instead he just performed illusions because I don't really believe in Miracles, instead he probably just performed illusions, like magic or medical wonders. He sometimes did medical miracles, but he was probably just ahead of his time and knew more cures, so if he did it now he wouldn't be classified as a miracle now but back then it would be a miracle to them, of course he could have maybe saved the paralysed man but it could have been a coincidence, but then again the bible could have just lied about it to get more people to believe and worship Jesus and Christianity. He also sometimes performed natural miracles, they were probably all illusions, made up stories or something like that, maybe once he did do something unbelievable then everyone went wild and made stuff up and added stuff to the actual story, because I highly doubt that he could do stuff that amazing, then again I could be wrong and just let my disbelief of Miracles get in my way, and he could have done all that stuff but as I said before I highly doubt it. Sometimes Jesus performed exorcism where he helped crazy people, then he probably just was ahead of his time and used physiology or something like that and, he may have just done a miracle but not as much as a Miracle as it would have been amazing at that time. In conclusion he probably did not perform miracles just illusions and people maybe just made up some stories or just hallucinated about

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