Western Culture Genius Sigmund Freud

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The dictionary defines genius as “extraordinary intellectual and creative power”. Is there an accurate definition of what a genius really is? In my opinion a genius is someone who is both extremely intelligent and extremely innovative. There are an abundance of people that are intelligent and even smart, but there are quite fewer that are in the genius category because they do not have the innovative power required. Others are creative to some degree, but they do not have the academic capacity to connect that with their inventiveness. Commonly, it is assumed that a genius has an exceptional and original way of approaching situations in the world, reinventing ideas and potentially creating something so massive that it revolutionizes the way others think. Could that be true? All throughout time there have been geniuses leaving their mark on society. There have been religious geniuses that have shaped the major religions as we know them today. There are musical geniuses that have fashioned the sounds of countless generations. There were artistic geniuses that have given us imagery such as the Mona Lisa and the idealistic imagery of Picasso. The literary geniuses such as Shakespeare have provided us with the greatest writings known to man. Some scientific geniuses have innovatively shaped the inventions of the progressive world and the tools which we use today. It has been the political geniuses who have produced a society that provides us with both the benefits and the limitations which we have today in the political arena. In some fields, the brilliant physicists have created the sophisticated concepts of what we have today and we have used to help shape what we think about the universe. And in the other fields, the psychiatric geniuses, such as Sigmund Freud developed psychoanalytic school of psychology which is now embraced as the building blocks of
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