Old Earth Research Paper

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Young earth Old earth Liberty University Mr. David Gilhousen Jo Ann Head PHSC 210 Fall Introduction Knowledge of the past and present makeup of the universe solicits factorial seen evidence and faith based beliefs driven by scripture and belief systems. “Almost everyone living today takes for granted that the universe and earth are billions of years old. But that has not always been true and the number of people rejecting that idea today is increasing rapidly.” (Mortenson, 2003) Proving the existence or the non-existence of time creation is still relevant in today’s society. Scripture tells us but science shows us, accepting answers is primarily based on one’s belief system no…show more content…
They only believe what they see. Their belief is not sustained by literature theory as from the Bible. “The scriptural geologists were not opposed to geological facts, but to the old-earth interpretations of those facts. And they argued that old-earth interpretations were based on anti-biblical philosophical assumptions, and in this they were correct. Buffon was a deist or secret atheist,12 as were Lamarck13 and Hutton.14 Laplace was an open atheist.15Werner,16 Cuvier,17 Smith18 and Lyell19 were probably deists or some sort of vague theists. These developers of old-earth theory were hardly objective, unbiased, let-the-facts-speak-for-themselves observers of the physical evidence, as is so often supposed.” (Mortenson, 2003) They had no religious opinion to relegate the belief of creation. Their opinion of the age of the earth was solely scientific based on tangible and seen evidence and tested theories. Today in history scripture geologists are being determined to have acknowledged correct timelines which were once debated by earlier non scriptural geologists. “It would be misleading to think that all these factors influenced all scientists to the same degree. However, a major component of anyone’s theoretical outlook is his religious worldview (which could be atheism or agnosticism, as well as a traditional religion). Worldview had a far more significant influence on the origin of old-earth geology than has often been perceived or acknowledged. A person’s worldview not only affects the interpretation of the facts but even the observation of the facts. Another prominent historian of science rightly comments about scientists and non-scientists: ‘men often perceive what they expect, and overlook what they do not wish to
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