Monotheistic Argument

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Elizabeth Marrero March 11, 2013 Section 3 1) We should not accept the psychic’s answers because a psychic might give false hope and/or false information some psychic’s might be well at what they do but there are some who are guilty. It is better to look at it from a distance and not take it personally. Most people tend to listen to what people say and give them the benefit of doubt. Then there are people who see this as a religious perspective. For instance, with some religions like Christianity, they believe in God and that God is the only one who can predict and know your future. 2) What it says about policies providing greater benefits for the working poor at the expense of the wealthy is that John Edwards is asking the public…show more content…
However, an atheist does not have much proof of a non-existence God because they only see it in a scientific perspective. If an agnostic enters the argument, it would question both of the theories about the existence of God because in an agnostic view, they want to proof of everything. But in the end, I feel that an agnostic would support more of the atheist argument. This being because a monotheist is very sure of their belief and on an atheist side, they do not believe in a God but is sure that there is a scientific meaning behind it. 4) The importance of cultural relativism is that it brings the society to pursue their own desires toward their beliefs, values, and behaviors. The strengths toward cultural relativism are that it helps people try new things and encourage life in a different way. The weaknesses would be that conflict can be involved when speaking about culture. It does not allow any cultural comparisons because it is a product of the people and the environment. Cultural relativism is a product of history and that’s why the society has many different cultural

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