Diabetes Case Study Paper

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es A Diabetic Case Study Michelle Doney, Lori Griffin, Jeanette Lewis, Bobbi Simkins NU/427 7/30/2012 Charonda Phifer, MSN, FNP-BC A Diabetic Case Study Diabetes is a worldwide disease that affects many people. A well-balanced diet, monitoring blood glucose levels, exercising, and medication compliance help manage diabetes. Angelo Reyes, in the Neighborhood biography, is compliant with his diabetes management. He is well-structured and stays on task so he can live as normal as possible with his disease. Diabetics should strive to manage this disease so complications will not occur, and they will be able to live a healthy life. In this paper, there will be an overview of the incidence of diabetes, typical signs, and potential…show more content…
Nice work providing measurable goals. Your reference page was also nicely done. Keep up the good work! Assignment Grading Criteria Diabetes Case Study Week Three Navigate to the Pearson Neighborhood using the link located on the student website. Go to the Families>Reyes Family> Angelo Reyes>Biography and then go to Families>Riley Family> Jenna Riley>Biography you should review their biographies for all three seasons. Read the biography of Angelo Reyes or Jenna Riley in The Neighborhood. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper focusing on the case study of either Angelo Reyes or Jenna Riley in The Neighborhood. Your paper must include the following: * An introduction * An overview of the incidence of diabetes in the United States * The typical presenting signs * The potential effects of diabetes on the body as a chronic process * The teaching requirements with two measurable learning objectives from each of the domains * The psychosocial challenges that patients like Angelo Reyes or Jenna Riley encounter * A summary * At least five references in addition to the texts with publication date of no earlier than 2008 unless it is a germinal
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