Different Ways Of Promoting Health

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Introduction to health promotion Health is needed to be promoted in order to promote well being and to prevent diseases in the population. There are also some implications when it comes to promoting well being and to prevent diseases. When the health is promoted and prevented it improves the quality of life and also reduces cost of health services. When it comes to preventative work it can vary depending on the needs of the client/ group.The prevention is categorised in three types. They are: Primary prevention It includes the health promotion and requires action on the determinants on the health to prevent disease occurring or refocusing upstream to stop people falling into the water of disease. For example, smoking education gives knowledge to people about the effects of smoking in health so it influences them not to smoke. Secondary prevention It is an action focusing on the early detection and underlying diseases in order to prevent any further symptoms. For e.g. screening in women and men who are well at the clinics. If these people are educated about the disease they will have then they will give them greater understanding on how to modify their lifestyle. It picks up the diseases in early stages before disease gets hold. Tertiary prevention Tertiary prevention aims to reduce the impact of the disease and promote quality of care through active rehabilitation. For e.g. if an individual has a heart attack then in this situation the need of the individual is to prevent them from getting worse. It helps people become experts in managing their own condition, therefore stops diseases developing. Government health promotion initiatives The Department of Health is a government department responsible for health protection, health improvement and health inequalities issues in England. So, in an action to improve the health of an individual the Dept of Health
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