Developing Evaluation Plan

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Running head: DEVELOPING EVALUATION PLAN Developing Evaluation Plan David Fullington Grand Canyon University Professional Research Project November 3, 2011 Developing an Evaluation Plan When developing an evaluation plan, the researcher has to understand what changes are going to be made and they must have data prior to any changes that have already been made. It is important to know why the changes have been made and if they have had a positive or negative impact. According to Miguel and Rogan (2009), communication can be an influential tool and nursing skills are essential for attainment of optimistic healthcare objectives to touch others. Effective communication in healthcare is needed to deliver quality client care; nurses…show more content…
Select the cases and determine data gathering and analysis techniques – In the communication study, researchers will observe nursing communicating between staff and patients six times in a one month period. 3. Prepare to collect the data- There will be large amount of data collected from many sources during the research study, and there will be input from the students from the classes being taught. It is important to keep the data all together and not lose any. It is also important for the researcher not to lose sight of the original purpose of the study regarding communication. 4. Collect data in the field – Proper collection of data in the field is pertinent to having accurate information. When nurses are being studied, the researcher should not interfere with the study and allow the communication between all parties to be uninterrupted and only be observed. 5. Evaluate and analyze the data – To properly analyze and evaluate the data, the study nurses have to be honest with their answers and believe in the study. The nurse educators or researchers have to interpret what is being relayed to them as accurately as they can. Health professionals should not assume or make unknown judgments from the data; it has to be what the data is…show more content…
Do the variables reflect the concepts identified in the framework and are the variables clearly defined (conceptually and operationally) based on previous research and or theories (Perron, Sommer, Hudelson, Demaurex, Luthy, Louis-Simonet, et al., 2009)? In this research study on effective communication, the project is outlined for the researcher and the study group. For the classroom, there is a syllabus for the students to follow. The demographic variables being examined are communication between staff and communication between patients and staff. It is important for staff to know there may be linguistic barriers when communicating with patients and family members. The researcher must know there are many variables that have a strong influence on a research study; it is up to the study group and researcher not to allow any variable to alter the data. The staff must believe in the study and the class to help make the necessary changes to improve

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