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Rachael Holt
Unit 502 – Promote Professional Development

Learning Outcome 1: Understand Principles of Professional Development

It is important to continually improve knowledge and practice for various reasons. Doing so ensures that you do not lose valuable skills learnt during training. It also reduces the chance of picking up “bad habits” and gradually completing a task in an ineffective or harmful way by the method slowly becoming lost over time.
Research into nursing practice and healthcare is constant, which means that new ideas and practices are being brought in all the time. This in turn will affect the way in which care is provided, so staff need to be informed and updated on any changes or new methods which come into play.
Improving knowledge and practice ensures that study skills are still effective and that nurses are adhering to the NMC Code of Practice (2008), namely “Keep your skills and knowledge up to date”. Adhering to this is part of keeping up registration to practice as a nurse.
There can be potential barriers to professional development. These include:

• Time: Staff may struggle to find time in their working role to undertake training to improve their knowledge and practice. • Financial Constraints: There may not be a budget provided by the workplace in order to undertake paid training. The individual may not be in a position/ may not be prepared to fund their own training. • Logistical considerations: Courses may be on at a location which is difficult to get to, especially if an individual doesn’t drive or have access to transport. • Management support: If Line Managers do not feel that Professional Development is a valuable use of time then they may be reluctant to be supportive when trying to arrange off duty or allocate funds to attend training.

There are many different sources and systems of

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