Nursing Scope of Practice

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When it comes to investigating a new procedure for nurses to adopt into their practice there are criteria for determining whether or not the new procedure falls within the nurses scope of practice. It is imperative to follow the American Nursing Association guidelines and the Nurse Practice Act. They serve as resourceful guidelines that will allow a nurse to implement and adopt any new practices without working outside the scope of practice. According to the Pennsylvania Code: Chapter 21. State Board of Nursing it states that a “Registered Nurse shall undertake a specific practice only if the registered nurse has the competency to properly execute the practice” (Pa.Code). Once competencies have being established, I would do a thorough investigation on the new procedure and what it entails and follow all the guidelines to make sure that I am not practicing outside the scope of practice.
Before introducing the new procedure to the physicians and fellow nurses, it is essential to research about the new procedure and its benefits to the hospital and patient care. After, I would plan for the procedure changes and determine when the changes will become effective. In addition, giving the physicians and fellow nurses’ adequate notice about the new procedure changes to build their awareness and providing them with valuable information relevant to the new procedure and its transition. It is useful to educate the physicians and fellow nurses about how the new procedure will affect and impact the hospital and patient outcome. Be truthful and confident. This will make the physicians and fellow nurses feel comfortable, willing to listen and accept the new procedure.
Have additional help, like fellow employees. This will make the process much easier and less stressful. Also, provide documentation with instructions that are not complex and easily understandable. Offer resources

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