Ethical Dilemma Paper

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Ethical Dilemma Paper
Nurses face ethical dilemmas all the time. These ethical dilemmas may weigh greater when they are shaped by an individual’s Christian worldview. Nurses must be knowledgeable concerning ethical decision making because there is no way ethical issues in healthcare can be avoided. Ethics must be considered when formulating plans of care for patients and during the implementation of policies. Pressure placed on nurses from organizations, patients, as well as family members has the possibility to create ethical dilemmas. The long of it is that ethical dilemmas play a major part in healthcare and nursing management.
“An ethical dilemma is a difficult moral problem that involves two or more mutually exclusive, morally correct courses of action” (Finkelman, 2012). There are many resources available to nurses to assist with ethical decision making. ANA’s Code for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (2008) is a primary resource for ethical decision making (Finkelman, 2012). There are four principles that should be considered when making ethical decisions. First the nurse needs to take into consideration whether the decision will violate the patient’s rights, this is autonomy. Second the nurse needs to make sure that the decision will not harm the patient and that it will in all aspects be good for the patient, this beneficence. Third the nurse is required to make all patient decisions with fairness, this is called justice. Fourth the nurse must also make sure he/she is always honest with the patient and that the patient is any informed of changes in their plan of care or medications, this is veracity (Finkelman, 2012).
Nurses may be faced with many different ethical dilemmas while providing care, even many in just one day. Examples of some ethical dilemmas nurses may face are those concerning personal beliefs, religious beliefs, patient rights, truth

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