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1. A) How does Hemauer use sensory descriptions in the essay? Hemauer uses sensory descriptions to get her readers to understand and get a feel of her life as a farm girl. B) How many examples of theses sensory descriptions in Hemauer’s essay can you find? I have found several examples of sensory descriptions in “Farm Girl”. Some examples are when she describe how heavy her eyes were and the how she struggled to get them open, The smell of her working clothes when the damp cool air hit them, the feeling of the wind and snowflakes when Nick opened the door , how the smell of smoked bacon and cheese omelets made her hungry and the feeling of being left out as her peers discussed their after school activities. C) How does the use of these details help bring her story to life? By using these details her story was able to pull me into the essay wanting to know what was coming next, the sensory descriptions that were used gave me a deeper feeling of what she was trying to express, it made me feel like I was an actual character in the story and created a believable atmosphere 2. A) How does Hemauer use dialogue in the essay? Hemauer uses dialogue to engage her readers into her story and experiences while living on the farm with her family. Dialogue helped to make her story more believable. B) How do you plan to use dialogue and sensory descriptions in your own narrative essay? I plan to use dialogue and sensory descriptions in my future essay not only to get my readers to get a more profound feel for my experiences but to also create a believable world that allow them to escape and become a part of the

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