Pam Houston In A Blizzard Under Blue Sky

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Long Live the Optimist Pam Houston’s character in “A Blizzard Under Blue Sky” is struggling with depression, while the man in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” is struggling with nature and quite possibly himself. The characters in these stories have dissimilar temperaments, and the outcomes of their journeys can be taken as an important life lesson. Houston’s character engages the reader by gaining compassion. London’s camp bound man keeps the reader on edge with his risky traveling. In any case, both individuals bring something to be discovered. The woman in Houston’s story recognizes her depression as a result of unpaid bills, work left undone, and a broken heart. The woman decides…show more content…
When describing their journey through the mountains, she even adds dialogue to her canine, Jackson’s proceedings. For example, she explains Jackson’s attitude, ‘That morning he was impatient with me. “Miles to go, Mom,” he said over his shoulder’ (279). Her explanations of her animals are quite humorous at times. The woman even made her dogs peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and let them sleep inside her bivvy sack. She treats them almost as children, as any other human beings in need of love. Although she’s camping in thirty below weather, the only things she gets from it are positive. She ends her trip with this closing, “On Sunday I had a glimpse outside of the house of mirrors, on Saturday I couldn’t have seen my way out of a paper bag” (281). Nature and her companions had given her happiness, which nothing else seemed to be capable…show more content…
While Houston’s story is optimistic of these things, London’s story shows a pessimistic view. Both characters received something different from their journeys. The woman in Houston’s story received a glimpse of sunshine and a break from the depressing parts of life. The man in London’s story received disappointment from his failure, and then finally peace in the face of death. When these stories are analyzed deeply, one can learn a beautiful life lesson from them. Optimism is key when searching for a long fulfilling

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