Unit 4 Assignment

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Unit 4 Assignment Whitney Gould HU300 9/18/12 1. What music do you associate with childhood? How did/does this music make you feel? How do your choices reflect your childhood experiences? One song that I associate with my childhood would be the “Please and Thank You” song that Barney always sung. This song made me very happy when I was little because it made everyone else happy. This song does reflect my childhood experiences because I learned my manners and everyone enjoy taking care of my when my parents wanted a baby sitter. Through this song my parents had it easier, because I knew I had to say please and thank you. Having a song that teaches your child something is awesome, there is not much of this out there anymore. Barney taught me a lot when I was little, and I am thankful for that. 2. What music do you associate with adolescence? Was this music a way to fit in or rebel? When I was younger I loved listening to country music unlike everyone else in school. There are two songs that stick in my mind. This first one is “Heads Carolina, Tails California” by Jo Dee Messina. The other song is “The Shake” by Neal McCoy. I started listening to these songs because my grandma and I would always hear them on the radio when cooking. The song “The Shake” would talk about shaking it to the right and left which we would do when making apple pie. Another memory I have of these songs is when it was Thanksgiving, my grandma would let me help stuff the turkey. I was always scared every year, she would turn on these songs and I knew I could do it. Everyone always loved the stuffing that I made with grandma. She taught me a lot about cooking when I was young. I wish I still could cook with her today. But she lives two hours away and doesn’t have a knee. These songs didn’t really let me fit in but I was very happy and love these memories. 3. What music

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