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Hang Chen Prof. Dreier MUS:1009:0111 Musical Autobiography Ever since I was a small kid, I found music is all around me. Music was played on the radio, at school, in the car and especially on the television. Growing up in China also gave me a unique experience about what music means to me. Although I never see myself becoming a singer, instrument player or any sort of musician, I was always fascinated by music. I don’t even know when I started to like music, like listening to music. When I saw my cousins wore big headsets and listening to pop music I couldn’t figure out why they were so obsessed by a song. There was a channel on television that will play classic music from the old movies and it was playing the theme song from movie Drunken Master II. It was such a uprising song and I was so excited to hear it on television. I took my dad’s old recorder and a tape that he didn’t want started to record the song from television. It worked, basically. I listened to it everyday and I started to like listening to music. Animation also played a big role in my music experience. I came home after school around 4pm there always had cartoons played on television. I used the recorder to record the songs that I like and used up almost three tapes to record all these songs. I was humming the melody on my way to school, when I was doing my homework or just when I was bored. Until now there are some melodies that I can still remember and sing along. When I turned middle school, I started to listen to the Beatles, Hey Judy, Yesterday, Yellow Submarine and Let It Be are all my favorite songs. I learned English in order to understand the lyrics and it really open up a whole new world of music for me. I listened to Linkin Park, the Cranberries and all kinds of music from techno to jazz. As I have listened so many different genera of music, I found myself listening

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