The Benefits of Listening to Classical Music

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Alicia Liu English 104 24 November 2011 The Benefits of Listening to Classical Music By Xuefei Liu Why is it that nearly every generation listens to classical music? What is its lure? Why does it seem to pull us toward it when there are so many other types of music to choose from? It certainly has its own type of charm. One of the reasons is because of the benefits of classical music, which seems to draw almost everyone to them at some point in his or her life. Classical music can stimulate people's minds, nurture their soul, bring them to whole new worlds. Besides that, this paper also aims to show how classical music has influenced my life and still does so. I believe classical musichas benefits to everyone, no matter he is a professional musician or he has not been introduced to it yet. I will begin my paper with my personal experience with listening to classical music and then I will show how classical music benefits people's life in different ways. I was fortunate to grow up in a family which appreciates classical music, and some of my happiest times when I was young were those I spent at home when my dad was playing his old records. As I recall, Tchaikovsky was the first composer I listened to in my childhood. I listened to Swan Lake during those days. My father was enthusiastic for Tchaikovsky and he is also a fan of the Strauss Family of Austria. Works by these two composers were comprised the music which I listened to mostly in my childhood. In addition to helping me to love music generally, I am grateful to my dad for introducing me to piano playing, which I love so much and will keep loving for my rest life. I remember I used to spend Saturday and Sunday mornings practicing the piano, and in the course of this practicing, I suddenly realized that music had touched my life forever. I started playing the piano when I was seven and have

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