The 60's Research Paper

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Now we all have our own cup of tea when it comes to music, we prefer certain singers and bands over others, it’s just the way we all out. Music is composed of all thousands of singers all offering a different sound. There are moments in time where a specific note can spark change in us all. A great representation of this would be the world-renowned band, The Beatles. The infamous English rock/pop band of the 60’s, originally named The Blackjacks, first began playing in random shows across the UK and running into some deportation troubles in Germany (Lewisohn, 1992 p. 24-25.) As we all know, the Beatles’ golden years were the 60’s; and the 60’s were one hell of a year for change. It held within it’s years the assignation of President Kennedy,…show more content…
Even music itself had its own baby steps, surprisingly. Music has always been simple in the early years of human and has always been used to pass down stories about a certain civilizations culture. All this changed around 15th century, to give you an idea how long ago this was it after the disaster of the bubonic plague. Obviously, you would not think much entertainment would thrive in such in dark time, but I guess a few composers proved me wrong! A few composers who made music today possible by struggling through the aftermath of the Black Death epidemic would be; Jasquin Des Prez, (who was a big name at the time,) Pierre De La Rue, a very well proclaimed vocalist (The New York Time Company 2012, March 23. Top 8 Renaissance Composers Retrieved from One such composer whose name is still heard pretty often would be Johann Sebastian Bach; he is considered as one of the faces of classical music. Like all of us, he started out with baby steps, slowly learning the ways of music. Bach came from a family of musicians who brought him into the whole scene; his father was a director and had several uncles who were musicians (Christoph Wolff, Johann Sebastian Bach: The Learned Musician (New York: W.W. Norton and Company, Inc., 2000.) The great composer enhanced the sound of the time and was the pinnacle of his time; his great gift for future generations would be his use of harmonics and
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