Tri-M Application Essay

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Jennifer Oliva 10/10/11 Tri-M Application Form Some musical activities I participated in at Memorial Junior High School are all orchestra concerts. This includes the winter and fall concerts that we do every school year. Some musical activities I participated in outside of school were, Summer Music for three years, which took place at Clear Stream Ave. School. In those three years I also learned how to play the clarinet. I was also in Honors Orchestra. This was selected students from each school in District 30. We all played a concert at the end, the District Concert; I participated in this when I was in 6th grade. Also, every Christmas we have a rosary at my church, Holy Name of Mary. My cousin, Karen Lopez, and I would play a Christmas song on our violin at the end of the rosary. I believe that I would be a valuable member of the Tri-M Music Honor Society because I can maintain an overall average of 85 and higher. With all my classes accelerated, like math, social studies, science and English. I also love to help do fundraisers to help the school raise money for good cause. Also, to help the school be a better place and environment for my fellow peers. Tri-M is also like 8th Grade Council, which I’m also in. I also love playing new song on the violin. Hence, these are some reasons to why I would be a valuable member of the Tri-M Music Honor
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